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As humans, we are omnivorous mammals capable of ingesting an incredible variety of foods, natural and industrially produced. These reactions will focus on how we metabolize what we eat and what we should do to maintain our health and vigor.

Milk and Almond Milk

Most of us humans don’t know much, at least compared to how much there is to know.  We are  easily misled about all sorts of things. Before you get defensive, I admit I’m among the group I’m talking about. We are … Continue reading

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Pink, White, Blue, Green, Yellow, or Nada? (updated 8/20/2015)

Over the course of the last several years, I’ve been conducting a study of human preferences.  Admittedly, it’s a work in progress, and I’m careful not to describe it as a scientific investigation.  Indeed, it’s just an observational exercise, but … Continue reading

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Young vs. Old and Other Artificial Dichotomies

In my most recent post, I admitted to being old, conservative, and educated.  Labels!  Why do I associate myself with such terms, and what do they mean?  What age is old?  What does it mean to be a conservative?  How … Continue reading

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Yesterday was my seventieth birthday, a milestone with certain consequences.  On the one hand, I am truly blessed with a loving family, wonderful friends, a nice home in a beautiful community, and relatively good health for my age.  On the … Continue reading

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