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There are many interesting and honorable people, and some who hold controversial notions. These reactions will focus on the opinions offered by a diverse cross section of humanity.

God and Science

Throughout my life, I’ve engaged in considerable thought about God. Admittedly, more thought than careful study. I have no formal theological preparation, unless you count 72 years as a baptized and confirmed, fairly regular church-attending member of several Episcopal Churches, … Continue reading

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Education and Happiness: Reminiscing on a Saturday Morning

A long time ago, at least a thousand years it seems, I taught environmental science classes for first and second year college students. Most of these students were undecided about their majors and their futures, but quite sure neither would … Continue reading

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A Time for Reflection About Education

Last summer, after 45 years in higher education, I retired.  It has been a little more than nine months since I turned in my master key and walked out of my office for the last time.   It was time to move on, and … Continue reading

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Life is a Journey

Recently I was asked if there was anything in my life and in my career that I would change, if I could journey back in time.  There certainly were some difficult times, but they were learning opportunities.  Without those experiences, … Continue reading

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