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Earth From Saturn: A Different Perspective

What would Earth look like from Saturn?  NASA provided an answer to that question with this stunning image.  That bluish-white dot below Saturn’s rings on the right side of the picture is the Earth as seen from 838 million miles away.  If … Continue reading

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Keeping our perspective when flooded with breaking news alerts, well-crafted talking points, juicy sound bites, screaming headlines, and 140-character tweets, among other insults, requires effort. Every single day we are assaulted with a torrent of sensationalism to grab our attention.  It includes purposeful … Continue reading

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Fear, Alarmism, and Politics

Fear motivates us, or it should.  How we react to fear may have serious consequences, even life or death consequences.  Sometimes we find ourselves in terrifying circumstances, and we don’t have time to ask questions or to contemplate the deeper philosophical … Continue reading

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Names and Labels

A few random thoughts about names and labels . . . The planet we live on and call “Earth” should be called “Ocean”. Indiana is mistakenly named for an indigenous people who had very little to do with India, nor … Continue reading

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Ignorance or Emotion

A friend commented on Facebook: “Why are there so many ignorant people?”  The comment reflected the friend’s obvious frustration in trying to understand why so many people behave stupidly and say crazy things in response to George Zimmerman being found not-guilty … Continue reading

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Life is a Journey

Recently I was asked if there was anything in my life and in my career that I would change, if I could journey back in time.  There certainly were some difficult times, but they were learning opportunities.  Without those experiences, … Continue reading

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