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Young vs. Old and Other Artificial Dichotomies

In my most recent post, I admitted to being old, conservative, and educated.  Labels!  Why do I associate myself with such terms, and what do they mean?  What age is old?  What does it mean to be a conservative?  How … Continue reading

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On Being Old, Conservative, and Formally Educated

Does the Earth revolve around the Sun and who thinks it does?  Who believes that astrology is a scientific discipline? Professor of Law and Director of the Demography of Diversity Project at Northwestern University, James Lindgren, JD, PhD., explored these questions in his analysis … Continue reading

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On Being Human and Biased

Last I checked, all newspaper, radio, Internet, and television reporters are human.  The same holds true for commentators, bloggers, editors, publishers, photographers, videographers, and the guy or gal that delivers your paper.  Being human, they have world views, attitudes, passions, slants, frustrations, … Continue reading

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The Debate is Settled

Bets get settled, debates are won or lost, and facts can be stubborn things.  Science, on the other hand, helps us to better understand or to become enlightened by learning something new. Are we ever finished learning?  Do we ever know everything?  … Continue reading

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