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On Being Old, Conservative, and Formally Educated

Does the Earth revolve around the Sun and who thinks it does?  Who believes that astrology is a scientific discipline? Professor of Law and Director of the Demography of Diversity Project at Northwestern University, James Lindgren, JD, PhD., explored these questions in his analysis … Continue reading

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Complexity, Simplicity, and Belief

There exists a profound tension between the incomprehensible complexity of our universe and our inclination to simplify what we observe in order to afford us a practical understanding.  The consequence of this tension is belief.  Our lives as individuals, the continuing prosperity of … Continue reading

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Earth From Saturn: A Different Perspective

What would Earth look like from Saturn?  NASA provided an answer to that question with this stunning image.  That bluish-white dot below Saturn’s rings on the right side of the picture is the Earth as seen from 838 million miles away.  If … Continue reading

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