Life is a Journey

Recently I was asked if there was anything in my life and in my career that I would change, if I could journey back in time.  There certainly were some difficult times, but they were learning opportunities.  Without those experiences, I would not be here today.

If life is a journey, then what are the rules of the road?  How should we conduct ourselves as we experience our own personal journey?

  1. In life, there are no shortcuts, so seek wisdom, knowledge, and competence, and then confront important challenges along the way.
  2. A long and difficult passage through a dark and ominous valley helps to better appreciate the often breathtaking view from the mountain’s summit.
  3. When confronted by threatening strangers, choose your battles carefully, and always consider what is best for the long road ahead.
  4. When storm clouds gather along the way, as they certainly will, look for the silver-lining-there is always a silver-lining!
  5. As you always have a choice, take the high road, and do what is right for the right reasons.
  6. In life, you only experience one journey, so appreciate the path you have chosen, and learn from all your experiences.
  7. A successful journey is measured by how you have traveled and by where you can go from now.

I try not to expend too much emotional energy on those things about which I have no control.  The past is gone forever.  Its only value is what we can learn as we journey onward into our future.

About DocStephens

Retired college professor of science and mathematics, academic administrator, and president (emeritus).
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