Names and Labels

A few random thoughts about names and labels . . .

The planet we live on and call “Earth” should be called “Ocean”.

Indiana is mistakenly named for an indigenous people who had very little to do with India, nor were they truly native to America.

White people are not white.  Black people are not black. Hispanic people come in all shades.  All humans have the same skin pigments, just differing amounts at different times and places.

All modern humans have African ancestors.  All modern humans have dark skinned ancestors.

Black dogs usually have pale skin coloration.

Hispanic refers to a national origin, not a race or ethnicity.  Latino describes a family of languages, not a race or ethnicity.

The differences in skin color within the races are greater than the differences between the average skin colors of the races.

There is no such thing as race!  We invented the construct of race in order to categorize people who look different, come from different parts of the world, speak different languages, or have different cultures.

Classifying a person as belonging to the white group or black group is no different than classifying a person as part of the tall group of humans, or the short group, or the blue-eyed group, or the brown-eyed group, or the freckled group, or the curly-haired group, or the bald group, or any other way of categorizing humans into groups based upon their outward appearance. Due to unfortunate, often tragic, and even horrific occurrences in our country and around the world, the classification based upon skin coloration, ethnicity, and geographic origin became part of our language.  Ignorance and emotion greatly complicated the matter.  Then politics took over.

In historic and prehistoric times, there is considerable evidence that humans of all appearances, ethnicities, and geographic origins have enslaved and savaged each other.  No group of humans is innocent of this legacy.

Not all Christians agree on who is a Christian.

Not all liberals agree on who is liberal, and not all conservatives agree on who is conservative.

We can more easily agree on who is a Democrat, an Independent, or a Republican, but only in certain states.

Enough of this . . .

About DocStephens

Retired college professor of science and mathematics, academic administrator, and president (emeritus).
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