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Choosing a President: Reconsidered

Exactly one year ago, I wrote about choosing a president for our country. In that piece, I described seven personal qualities of an effective president with the most important being Integrity followed by wisdom, principles, compassion, courage, eloquence, and humility. … Continue reading

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Damn the Inconvenient Science

The recent commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy by the President was remarkable for many reasons.  At a time when so many difficult international challenges cause concern for our national security, why would he choose to focus on climate … Continue reading

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Faulty Assumptions and Illogical Reasoning

Editorial writers often present arguments based upon false assumptions. When this is followed by illogical reasoning, the result may be amusing, frustrating, or both. This, of course, depends entirely upon the perspectives and psychopathologies of the readers and whether they … Continue reading

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Honesty, Competence, and Leadership

I did not vote for President Obama in 2008 or in 2012. Most of my friends and family members know this.  Some did vote for him, we’re still friends, and I still love those family members.  In the earlier election, … Continue reading

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The Debate is Settled

Bets get settled, debates are won or lost, and facts can be stubborn things.  Science, on the other hand, helps us to better understand or to become enlightened by learning something new. Are we ever finished learning?  Do we ever know everything?  … Continue reading

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