The NFL: Protecting Endemic Peoples and Ungulates

It’s disgusting, and we need to do something about it immediately! The most surprising aspect of this controversy is how long we’ve endured this offense without anyone taking action.  This is why I am so delighted that the FCC and U.S. Patent Office are finally considering various interventions.  Thank the deity who shall not be named in a secular forum.

The FCC does not believe certain words should be uttered in prime time broadcasts because they deride and denigrate whole groups of people, adversely influencing impressionable young persons as well as others of certain sensitivities.  As George Will shared in his Washington Post Column on October 15, 2014:

 . . . The FCC petition argues that broadcasting the word . . . is akin to broadcasting obscenity and pornography, is hate speech and an ethnic slur that keep[s] alive the spirit of inhumanity, subjugation and genocide and may cause violence. . . . Besides, it is a nuisance, defined as something annoying.

First of all, they aren’t boys, they are definitely men. Referring to grown adult men as boys is just unacceptable.  Additionally, men are males, not females.  It is beyond ridiculous that grown men should be compared to female Bovinae, one of ten genera of medium to large-sized Ungulates.

Cow in a Field of DandelionsEveryone on the team and indeed everyone in this second largest of our states should be highly offended.  They should demand immediate action on the part of the FCC and the U.S. Patent Office. Obviously, the National Football League is incapable of acting responsibly in this matter.

Please, contact your Congressperson now!  We need an Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting all annoyances whether intentional or otherwise.  There is no legitimate justification for offending another person in an enlightened society.

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