A Whole New Perspective

ImageIt’s been 84 days since I last posted.  As we say, time flies etc.  We’ve been traveling.  Among other adventures, we drove to California to visit our daughter, and her husband.  On the way there and all the way back, we enjoyed visiting national parks and monuments, arboretums and botanical gardens, as well as zoos and cheese factories, among other interesting places.  We listened to several great books while we traveled more than 8,000 miles.  It was truly an excellent adventure.

Early into our trip my always effervescent ex-fiancé, Laurie, broke her right foot by stepping on the edge of a pavement while looking over the edge of a cliff at the Pacific Ocean.  It was minutes after our arrival in Carlsbad, California, north of San Diego, and the late evening view of the ocean was breathtaking.  The next morning she was in a cast and on a wheel chair.  I suggested we get her back home right away.  She wouldn’t hear of it, so we continued on, even spending the rest of that day at the amazing San Diego Zoo.  That is where I learned that what goes down a hill, must come back up.

There were several silver-linings as a result of her rather painful misstep.  Her prognosis is excellent, and she’s actually walking with her boot after exactly 4 weeks.  She’s a real trooper!  We learned some important lessons and gained an appreciation for the challenges faced by others less fortunate that us.

This last three months provided an opportunity to get away from it all, and I did.  It was a chance to break old habits, or at least give them a rest, and I did.  I missed writing, and now I’m more convinced than ever that I want to write.  It’s seems like a healthy alternative to mumbling to myself or to ranting to my always apparently interested lovely wife.  So, heed my warning!  Doc Stephens is back. And he has lots of opinions worth exactly what they cost.

About DocStephens

Retired college professor of science and mathematics, academic administrator, and president (emeritus).
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