A Harsh Assessment

This website allows me to express my opinions about any number of subjects.  Here, I have freedom of expression without much fear of censorship.  Fortunately, in that regard, those who read my articles do so of their own free will.  As stated before, I write for myself, not necessarily for my readers.  I find that writing is thought clarifying.

The other activity that I find thought clarifying is walking my dog on the many trails in the woods surrounding my home.  The motivation for this writing derives from my most recent walk.

The state of our nation and of the world concerns me.  Prior to my retirement about seven years ago, I didn’t have much time for big picture thinking about national politics.  Like most Americans, I paid attention and voted my political preferences, but my career required a certain degree of political neutrality.  Now I see things I do not like, and I have time to study and consider what I see.

We just inaugurated a new president.  The election was awfully close in key states that determine which candidate gets the electoral college majority.  Because the popular vote was decisive, it is easy to miss how close the election was.  Close contests in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and  Wisconsin were in dispute for weeks after election day.  Various combinations of three or more of these states could have resulted in a different president being inaugurated on January 20.  Some, including the former president, will always believe election shenanigans contributed to the final outcome.  Regardless, the fifty state legislatures certified the results which were accepted by Congress in a joint session on January 6. It’s over.

From my perspective, we replaced a president whose character is flawed with another president whose character is flawed, two not so typical human beings.  They exhibit  different personalities and leadership styles.  As the close election demonstrates, we are a divided country.  This is not new.

When I decide which presidential candidate will get my vote, the person on the ticket is one consideration but not the most important one.  I vote for the administration whose policies, initiatives, and appointments I prefer.  One publication I read listed 35 actions taken by the new administration in the first week after the inauguration.  I support none of these.  Some are dangerous, others are just stupid.  In the future, I plan to write about some that are particularly important.

The political motivation of the new administration is obvious, erase everything associated with the former president and purge all partisan opposition.  This goes along with censorship by social media, digital book burning, indoctrination curricula in our schools and colleges, a dishonest and partisan news media, a semi-permanent military presence in the capital, tyrannical emergency powers at all levels of government that are obviously unconstitutional, and an impeachment of an unimpeachable private citizen.  Is this okay?

The new president called for unity, but he meant obedience.  His words were written by speech writers.  His initial actions are influenced by special interests and money, not by any desire for the common good or for unity.  I fear for our country and our future.

About DocStephens

Retired college professor of science and mathematics, academic administrator, and president (emeritus).
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