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A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Thank you William for bringing Juliet to life so she could speak such profound truth.  What difference does it make what a thing is called?  The smell is that of a rose, even if it is called rafflesia or perhaps … Continue reading

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Faulty Assumptions and Illogical Reasoning

Editorial writers often present arguments based upon false assumptions. When this is followed by illogical reasoning, the result may be amusing, frustrating, or both. This, of course, depends entirely upon the perspectives and psychopathologies of the readers and whether they … Continue reading

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Choose Your Battles

It was my grandmother who often offered this wise advice.  Unfortunately, advice is easily offered, but not so easily followed.  When emotions hijack us, we’re in no mood for thoughtful consideration. Yesterday, the United States Senate Committee on Environment and … Continue reading

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