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Assessing the Presidential Debates, and the Candidates

Each of us forms our own notions about these Democrat and Republican presidential debates. Frankly, I don’t spend any time thinking about which debate, CNN, CNBC, FBN, FOX, or others to come, is best. That is a subjective question that … Continue reading

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Red Herrings, Aunt Sallys, and CAGW

Herrings are not red and Aunt Sally is a straw man.  On the other hand, if you cure herring in a strong brine solution, it will turn red and become quite pungent.  If you wish to distract a hound from chasing … Continue reading

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Keeping our perspective when flooded with breaking news alerts, well-crafted talking points, juicy sound bites, screaming headlines, and 140-character tweets, among other insults, requires effort. Every single day we are assaulted with a torrent of sensationalism to grab our attention.  It includes purposeful … Continue reading

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