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A Blessed Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!  This is my favorite holiday because it reminds us of our many blessings.  The greatest of these being the many friends and family members who enrich our lives on this day and throughout the year.  Laurie and I … Continue reading

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On Being Offended

If I call you a Pig-Skirted-Hog-Mistress, you might be offended. But I have every right under the U.S. Constitution to call you that and any other name I choose.  How we react when we feel offended by verbal abuse hurled … Continue reading

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The NFL: Protecting Endemic Peoples and Ungulates

It’s disgusting, and we need to do something about it immediately! The most surprising aspect of this controversy is how long we’ve endured this offense without anyone taking action.  This is why I am so delighted that the FCC and … Continue reading

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Education and Happiness: Reminiscing on a Saturday Morning

A long time ago, at least a thousand years it seems, I taught environmental science classes for first and second year college students. Most of these students were undecided about their majors and their futures, but quite sure neither would … Continue reading

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Faulty Assumptions and Illogical Reasoning

Editorial writers often present arguments based upon false assumptions. When this is followed by illogical reasoning, the result may be amusing, frustrating, or both. This, of course, depends entirely upon the perspectives and psychopathologies of the readers and whether they … Continue reading

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The Untrammeled Right of Free Speech

Is the United States of America an exceptional nation?  I believe so for a number of critically important reasons.  When I heard a recent immigrant from England asked this question, I listened with curious anticipation for his answer.  After an extended … Continue reading

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Young vs. Old and Other Artificial Dichotomies

In my most recent post, I admitted to being old, conservative, and educated.  Labels!  Why do I associate myself with such terms, and what do they mean?  What age is old?  What does it mean to be a conservative?  How … Continue reading

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On Being Old, Conservative, and Formally Educated

Does the Earth revolve around the Sun and who thinks it does?  Who believes that astrology is a scientific discipline? Professor of Law and Director of the Demography of Diversity Project at Northwestern University, James Lindgren, JD, PhD., explored these questions in his analysis … Continue reading

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On Being Human and Biased

Last I checked, all newspaper, radio, Internet, and television reporters are human.  The same holds true for commentators, bloggers, editors, publishers, photographers, videographers, and the guy or gal that delivers your paper.  Being human, they have world views, attitudes, passions, slants, frustrations, … Continue reading

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On the Closing of Parks and Bridge Lanes

What is unexpected about this photograph?  It’s Yosemite National Park on a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the fall, but that is not unusual.  It is a beautiful scene, one enjoyed by millions of visitors each year, but that is neither … Continue reading

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